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Meadowcroft Malbec Cru de la Ruche

Meadowcroft Malbec Cru de la Ruche

Best Served With

Pomodoro, Seafood, Pizza, Charcuterie, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Veal, Vegetables, Fritto, All

The name Cru de la Ruche, meaning vintage of the beehive, is a nod to our connection to the honeybee and its amazing ability to transform nectar into honey paralleling the transformation from grapes to wine.

This wine is saturated with dark fruit aromas and flavors of brambly blackberry and blueberry, accented by herbaceous secondary notes of leather and tobacco. Pleasantly viscous, with complex layers and grippy tannins . Expect a dancing acidity, with a rich mouthfeel and spicy oaked finish that lingers.

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